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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Back to the Rant Race....


Back to the Rant Race...

(can we ever stop? No!)
racing, racing to keep on top of this pipeline talk.
I appreciate this article because Mr. Dillon actually quoted a landowner.
Still want more probing questions of Canadian owned Vt Gaz.
Where is your deed for underground gas pipelines?
Why don't you go down the New York Side instead of under the 6th Great lake.
Who decided to veer off path through Jane's Garden?
When the pipeline inevitably ruptures, who gets there first and gets hurt?
Will you lock in gas rates forever and guarantee all residents of Monkton gets access?
Will you set aside, say 50 Billion in case you ruin 41 miles of Vermont environment.
Oh, the stuff in the air is worse, no?
If you charged the ratepayers in Chittenden and Franklin County more to pay for the pipeline, who pays them back? Addison County? The International Paper Mill? (That already has the fragrance de papier mill...They should get their supply from New York pipeline, No?
When you bought up all the power Mr Wark, did you figure the Gaz would be a piece of cake too?
People in our town cannot even sell rocks without a fight.
Here is the article and a thoughtful response by Jane.


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