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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Saturday Music Link


Some Seriously good music going on south west from here
in Woodstock, NY and at the Iridium in NYC
Thought I would post some tidbits of what these great people have on YT.
Personally, I just discovered the album cover on I tunes. If I was 12 again I would have been all over it. Anyway, I read the cover for Afterglow by Black Country Communion and now I understand more about the cohesive journey that led them to create that album. Jason the stellar drummer starts out in my head and brings me back to Moira's 12th story dorm room in 1976. We would put on Led Zeppelin and run up the stairs and lay out in the sun. We somehow got the speakers on the roof, it seems there was a perilous action movie handoff...
Anyway, music is a great healer and outlet for stress.
Here is something for your Saturday.
All the credit goes to Joe on this one...

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