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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Gaz reporter Blues

Read this in reverse.
Our Stop Gaz Pipeline in Vermont (like our neighbor New York stopped) Group
sent out 2 articles how Vermont Gaz (Owned by Canadians-nothing personal-it is just clarification), is hiring people to support the new pipeline.
What new pipeline? I ask, citizen reporter in newspaperless town of Monkton.
I ask no one because the Selectboard does not respond when I write them saying I do not want the pipeline.
So to clarify, I sent the letter at the bottom to correct the newspaper Vermont Digger.
They responded below with the simple sentence....Thought I would fill in my worldly neighbors.
"This is a press release from Vermont Gas, not a VTDigger article. We post
press releases marked as such verbatim.
Cate Chant

On Sat, Jun 8, 2013 at 1:46 PM, Mary Gerdt <> wrote:
An error has been reported with a VTDigger article.
Mary Gerdt
Post Title
Vermont Gas to add 14 workers
Vermont Gaz is not a Vermont Company. The pipeline has not been deemed safe. No pipeline plans can be made without owner consent. Our town of Monkton not benefitting at all. Our natural idyllic beautiful town will be burdened by leaking high pressure transmission lines. New York said No. Confused by Digger's alignment with Canadian company over citizens of Monkton-most who

This just in...
Lois, Type this baby up...

oppose this planned pipeline. Run it through Shelburne, or New York.
A great comment response to the propogandische press release by "Vt" Gaz.
(you must make syrup in Vermont to be Vermont and meat and milk and, dang, what else? Yet Vt Gaz and Green Mtn Power can be owned by Canadians (no offense-I really mean that, many of my best friends are Canadian. But They do not own a company monolizing my power sources, trying to cram a high pressure pipeline up hill and dale through our pristine town, through my neighbor's garden. Sorry, this is personal. I draw my water from this area. And we must remember the Primary issue. "Vt" Gaz does not have a right of way at all.
Did you hear that?

Vt Gaz does not have any right of way at all...

aka bully tactics, scrurrying towns, anemic activists turn their heads.
They want Cheap.
Sorry guys, it is not cheap in human terms.
It will not be cheap after the Gaz people get everyone on the udder.
here is a great comment on Vt Digger...
News Release — Vermont Gas June 6, 2013 South Burlington — Vermont Gas plans to hire 14 people to support its plans to bring cleaner, safe and more affordable energy choice to more Vermonters. The positions, which range from technicians to dispatchers to customer service representatives, will support Vermont Gas operations in Chittenden and Franklin […]

Wow, 14 whole jobs! Certainly worth it to forcefully take private property blowing through sensitive natural areas so that big business can save some money and hire 14 people. Some will likely be temps? This is like energies version of walmart. Short term savings with long term damage. Studies show nat gas does as much global warming as oil or coal. This isn’t even a VT company. This is gaz metro from Canada pushing dirty fracked gas. Ironic that we ban fracking in Vt and yet propose new pipelines to consume fracked gas. Oh wait we wont burn much of it. Most of it is going to Int Paper under the lake in NY. Blowing through private Vt property owners to service a NY company. Does that sound like it is in the interests of Vt? Wake up PSB, this is not in the Vt public interest!

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