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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Plaintain, A Link and Present Day Lore


First, the link: 
Dr. Christopher's Legacy site:

There were no antibiotics
During the Revolutionary War

So How did they heal wounds?

I sat outside in the sun, getting what I call, "Poor Man's Laser"
(thinking gesture: quotes with your fingers like in Austin Powers...Dr. Evil)

Helps clean up the skin---add natural vitamin d
No sunscreen---limit doses of sunshine.

Nails are still ragged. Using a Gehwol product with honey and milk...nice lotion.
I reached down and grabbed a plaintain leaf. 

With me since I can remember, fun to pull the strings...
on the leaves.

Later since coming here, when bitten by a black fly or mosquito,
nothing is faster than a wad of chewed up plaintain at taking away the bite.

Yesterday, I crushed a leaf in my fingers an gently massaged my toes with it.
 A few more leaves, rubbed my fingers.
Nothing obvious.
(incidentally: Have been eating Jell-o also which helps connective tissue. Also did a Dr. Teel foot soak)

Last night, having second thoughts,
thought to research wonder I felt better
Today, noticeable improvement.

Life without antibiotics used carelessly?
Yes, I can handle that...

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