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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Fiddlin' Carson Peters - Orange Blossom Special

Truly destiny at work...happened yesterday, while racking up a few posts---schedule for today
actually helped fred plant the peppers,
the ground felt good. yes it is late, but with july evenings in the 50's, anything goes.
I had to "fiddle" around between blog links, html, you tube and picking the best version i could find
of this young man playing orange blossom special
i clicked one and errantly posted a lively 2/3.
this is 3/3 of Carson Peters weekend
kept thinking i had to post tunes in groups of 3....
sorry to ramble on.
just trying to say sometimes the media dictates what i send 'round the world,
and when i look back, as in this young man's fiddling and  sangin'....
it just makes me smile and be happy for a few minutes
that is powerful.

climb aboard the orange blossom special....

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