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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Gaz Updates #fracking

Updates from the data stream on fracking, Gaz, "natural(not) gas(z)"
You know how I feel or you are new here...i oppose fracking and the building of gaz pipelines through neighbor's gardens....i believe in property rights, limits of taxation and individual freedom.
canadian gaz people threatened US citizens with take this (confidential) offer for rights to carve up your land or we will take it by eminent domain. I freudian slipped imminent domain and some wordsmither corrected me. Well, to the gaz promoters it is all imminent. I know how the lawyers work. Just like blacksmiths...strike whilst the iron is hot, the metal molten, malleable. Once things have cooled down, it is too late.
Make the sheep scurry, harass elders and individuals-women, bullied by people who don't even have all the permits yet....on with the periodic update...

Summary of submissions From the group:

Excellent (long) article by history of science professor:

On Point’s interview w/ Oreskes about her new cli-fi mini book:


Love our group....a good template for busy people fighting the battles of life and our environment

Phase III towns keep an eagle eye out for VGS visits to your town officials. Get them educated ahead of time. Use Cornwall as a model, start now on Town Mtg Day referenda for 2015.

More news:

Corporate Boldness...
we will
you can't
we will
you can't 
we did
so fine us
it's done
hey, how'd that happen?

Comments From our hardy neighbors:

At the select board meeting in Monkton last night, Charles Pughe of VGS stated that they are starting construction for Middlebury distribution. He did not elaborate, but we were under the impression that they were going to build the transmission line first and hook up Exchange ST and then come back the next year and build out the distribution line to the town. We did not ask him about details and he might have just been dropping that tidbit of information to convince us that VGS is DETERMINED to build this pipeline.
It would be good if folks could keep an eye out for activity and let the group know if you see anything.
Last week, ECI crews were surveying in Monkton for distribution, something that seems totally a waste of time as they marked stuff with spray paint and distribution for Monkton is years away at best. More scare tactics?

me: oh, and once the pipeline has begun being built and the last few private property owners refuse to give up their constitutional right to own property, pursue happiness, grow garden produce,
Then old Gaz people will stick the eminent domain argument to the US citizens.
we'll see...

Deadly explosion....obstruction of on...

last, we were all feeling the love for this person:

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