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Friday, April 19, 2013

Travelogue for the Universe: Glenn Hughes - You Keep On Moving

Travelogue for the Universe: Glenn Hughes - You Keep On Moving: Music Links Great! ...and link to another by Glenn Hughes

First the re-run...above link to 2 great YT links with Glenn Hughes. 
I planned on posting this tonight.

Then thought really must do more tribute to Levon Helm, our Shaman guide.
Found this YT link by his best friend, Rick...


and i thought about my grandmother fanny and how that song has some themes in my life, and that everyone could relate to the story of having a heavy load, the devil, temptation, the weight of it all.
also thoughts of why i like to hear bass players-glenn and rick both major bass players with unique, expansive styles. so friday night is all about music.
this particular friday night is dedicated to levon helm.

here is an interview link from yt.
now go to and buy music or ramble will be amazed.

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