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Monday, April 8, 2013

Interview with a Clone, Chapter 23


interview with a clone, chapter 23
by mary e. gerdt
all rights reserved 2012,2013
notes and artwork by Captain Gigi Maxwell Fairweather
on the Eve of DeColonization of Mars 2064



Translation of letter Gigi wrote Page 2:  
something that
I am not used to doing with civilians.
Still, it was for the best Since the disciplinary
approach corrected a few bad apples who
threatened the success of the rescue.
For those who review this journal in the future,
My advice is to stick with military trained personnel
or give 'em stun guns! Seriously it is like herding cats
sometimes and when we are starving that is no time for princesses.

Out of all the things Gigi missed about Earth, she
missed riding her motorcycle the most (Alice Karma Interviews) Gigi's notes-->Alice asked Gigi a few questions, too...

Page 3. The Rescue ship needs to orbit a few times & gather some data for flying home.Tomorrow everyone's gear will be loaded & taken to the landing area. The refugees are excited & scared at making another big change in their lives. They have all aged. I am their Captain. I flew them to this desolate red Planet alive with history, internal powers, caves, mysteries yet unsolved. Mountains yet to name. A better outcome gone but not fogotten. Every fiber of my being says,"Stay". Every Sensible analysis says, "Go". Nourishment, fellow human supports, (What if I break my leg?) Gigi is Not Invincible-->whoever reads this has no idea how hard it was to write, or how true it is, or how it is the one thing we humans will never be we will never be invincible, always vulnerable, soft abdomens, meant to die. Gigi Fairweather
gigi never wanted to go back to earth. she wrote it all out at the same time as she wrote this log. She told all about how she wanted to be left alone, left to be to herself, that coming home she faced certain boredom, rapid physical deterioration, forced retirement, not even survival a worry.
Then she burned the pile of papers she had spilled her true inner feelings on. The smoke choking her briefly, she laughed. It would all kill her, one way or 6 others, she thought. She shook her head and prepped the preparedness chart for the 20 eth time. She never knew at this moment, on earth, her biological child Alice Karma gazed up at Mars when the light pierced the clear night sky,
at home through her window, hit her in the eyes, and woke her from a sound sleep.

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