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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Psalm Challenge 99, afterword

I Put up my Psalm 99 challenge offering last PM our time zone. Had a few things I wanted to add.
First, it was hard for me to get the drift of 99. I understood it better as a high royal praise expression. I Liked the cherub reference. Some articles said the cherubs
were on the Ark? Thought Ellen Clapsaddle's Postcard a perfect angel cherub.
Ellen had quite a story herself. As delightful as her art appears it has a darkness lingering when you know her story. Love an admirable theme. Finally A video I made and I am Kloot did the music.
I like the imagery of footsteps, letting go of fear of falling, and their music. Thought it matched the woods photos well. The woods a cathedral, a holy place. A sanctuary.

p.s. last night we watched Love for Levon concert again. Wow, again.
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will listen to Dylan's The Tempest
fot anniversary of Titanic loss
& say a prayer for them.
His lyrics guide you through the ship
in the final days and hours.


  1. Bob Dylan's Tempest in the i phone right now...really great...

  2. What wonderful environment. Haven't been in a forest since Nov. '11, last time I was home. Thank you for this walk.


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