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Friday, April 12, 2013

Taxing Blues

Taxing Blues

Taxing blues, 
Paid the bucks due,
Paperwork too,
Accountants so true.

I stress and strain the April Curse.
The paper sort,
and what is worse,
See the dough,
where did it go?
&Why do we still owe more?

Uncle Sam,
 I got those
Old time,
Nothin' left,
Low down,
Squoze out,
April 15th,

dedicated to the hope
tax code can be simplified
and humanized.
just could not believe w.s.
had to do time for not paying
really? take away his ability
to work?

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  1. Did Wesley go to jail because he is black or because he is handsome and successful? Do they really arrest tax non-payers and put them in jail? Ask Wesley. It is sick, taxes also nearly took our 100 year old farm for paying 9 months late. Money, property, respect. Guess me and Wesley don't deserve any of that. I am in good company. Welcome to freedom Wesley. Would love to see you act again. mary


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