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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Links and Thoughts

Posting as often as necessary
to keep up with the swirl of info that comes in.
Life starts picking up in the Spring...North America...
Vortices's of energy?? Like the winds?
Sundays were Mom's days I decided long ago. I had not lived near her for 30 years but we talked many Sundays. Today, I want to devote part of Sunday to what Mom would find so interesting (along with me.) We would have had something to talk about, which got harder the more debilitated and "shut in" that she got.

First, a link to Jean's website.

aka Discover your Inner Purpose (no promises)...
did you need a promise of enlightenment?

I really enjoyed her mini free seminar and glad I took an hour for Myself.
The sensory imaging was so interesting to me,
like aerobics for my brain...imagine a rose garden, smell, feel, taste, wow,
next a spectrum of items, acidic, sweet, bitter, fresh, smells,
rounding out my experience of the moment...all senses...
Who is not even secretly looking for Your true calling? Your correct best path,
Your keys to success.

The course promises more lectures, exercises, workbooks.
I cannot afford this, even if it paid me back in material success.
I did however take a few notes which materialized into the Triangle configuration I keep envisioning.

notes from jean houston lecture
Then I thought about her reference to a caterpillar.
A Butterfly,
the sophisticated organization,
Cells Coming orderly and perfect,
from a mushy caterpillar...
More thoughts of Mom, her love of butterflies,
the Giant swallowtail that came to see me after Mom died.
The chat this week how a close friend of Levon's keeps seeing butterflies.
You know, it is not just the seeing the butterfly,
it is like the butterfly is trying to cheer you up,
snap you out of it,
Griefous Interruptous.

So if you have some money burning a hole in your pocket, buy Jean's course.
No matter what the skeptics might say,
Nothing can be bad about unleashing your inner possibilities,
Be who you were meant to be.


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