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Sunday, April 21, 2013

CBS Press Express | Vegas

CBS Press Express | Vegas

In the 1960's, Mom &  Dad & Norma & Percy drove from Edwardsville, Illinois to
Las Vegas, Nevada. Norma & Percy ran the shoe repair shop. I can still see, feel, here them, smell the leather, the rubber soles shaved, polished, nailed. The machines, the polishes. Them in their aprons. Smiling. They drove to Vegas to gamble, see the shows, see America. Route 66. They had 4 flat tires, successively. They got shiny matchbooks and photos of them standing in shorts and sunglasses, facing the sun, desert behind them. This show is great and I love the stories, the history, the human aspect and the vintage cars like the Cadillacs, and Corvair we saw on a rerun...Hope this show keeps going.

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