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Friday, January 27, 2012

Interview with a Clone Chapter 2

Alice looked out the window of the frosted beach house, huddled in a down filled sleeping bag and sipping schnapps as her solar powered lamp flickered and died. Tomorrow she would start the generator again, it was too late tonight and she was exhausted. Her cat snuggled near her neck as the wind howled and palm trees creaked and cast off pieces in the night winds.
Alice felt comforted here, reminded again that it was not so bad, winter in Bermuda, after enduring that horrible interview with Gigi Fairweather who is on Mars. Gigi and the Mars community have partially lost touch with Earth by losing the shuttle service. Gigi knew Alice's Clone Mom when she was Susan Wolf, before she was Dr. Wolf. They were in military training academy together.
Alice thought they might like to hear from Dr. Wolf's daughter who was cloned and now doing research at her mother's lab in Bermuda. Perhaps it would break up the sometimes monotonous life on Mars.
Still, she felt hostility from Gigi, or just an edge that cut Alice wrong.
Was she being overly sensitive?
It was just an interview.
Alice fell asleep fretting.
her mother used to do that too.

for chapter 1:


  1. I didn't read chapter one, is okay I enjoyed it anyway!

  2. Thanks Mary! Chapter one is listed as Interview with a Clone. Just doing this for fun. Have known Alice all my life. Have a great day! mary


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