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Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Color of Pain

Today before I even read the Psalm of the day on
Psalm Challenge
I wanted to post some Sunday thoughts about pain,
then see if they coincide at all.

Pain has many colors.
Black, red, blue,
ripped, torn, diseased,
hurt, yellow,
vicious, sharp, biting,
deep, constant, persistent.

Some make you wish you were dead.

Pain ripped me out of bed in the wee hours again,
and standing on my leg re calibrated something,
my MS dance.

My mother's pain, invisible or hazy to some,
I perceive on full wavelengths,
as if I had the channel tuned in better.

I thought this morning,
how pain,
in all it's colors,
can be invisible to others.
We are all so different in how we perceive pain.

As a new nurse, over 30 solar years ago,
I decided to lay my hand on people in pain
and try to
ground it.

And if I was successful, it would make their life

I was worried there would be damage done to me,
all that pain flowing to ground into the Earth, our Mother
(like on the old sin eater's version of twilight zone or one of those shows).
And I decided,
it could not hurt me,
it was channeling someone else's pain.

Do you feel how comforting a hand is on the shoulder?
Or the catharsis of letting a story go,
or just knowing someone
how much you hurt?

Some cannot see the colors of pain I do,
and I guess that really is something I had
to learn and have to live with.

I do pray someone sees the colors of their pain and
puts a gentle hand on their shoulder
and lets it go.


  1. THANK YOU !

    Very much for your kindness to participate, to share this 'hand on a shoulder'; please have a good new week ahead and please join again soon.

  2. That's a very perceptive poem you have shared with us. It's true we don't often notice others' pain, at least not the physical pain that they hide. We can often sense their soul pain, or is that just me? I wonder. Or maybe we are all much more perceptive than even we realize, if only we would hold still long enough to notice.

  3. Thanks Robert, it was a strange exercise to try to write the challenge before reading the Psalm. It is uncomfortable to see someone's pain. Especially when unable to make it all better.I like how Sara calls it "soul pain"-that is a perfect way to describe.Thanks for comments. Have a great week. mary


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