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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Best cats

Buddy was one of our
Best Cats

He lived to be at least 23 years
and has been gone a few years.
Was looking for a picture to post
Buddy was our old neighbor's cat
and when we moved down here and the neighbors moved away,
Buddy showed up one day and
walked right in
and we loved him
as did Sean, our small black cat.
Best cats know how to mouse, keep clean,
not do stupid things,
more intelligent,
wise eyes,


  1. My mom didn't care for cat's but hated nice. the cat's all knew this of course. One morning I heard her cat Mother crying as if at death door ran down to let her in, opened the door like a shot ran right upstairs at my mom feet she sat and laid the smallest mouse I had ever seen at my Mom feet. Last time my Mom said a word about mice within ear shot of Mother her cat! Mom really did love every cat she had and yes all were good mouse. Mother the cat got her name when she came to us she had a kitten once weaned it was given away and the name fit and she answered to it.

  2. Cute. Liked what you said about him.

    23 years!

  3. Thanks friends for stopping by and remembering great cats w/me. He was a good looking cat at 23 too! mary


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