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Friday, January 6, 2012

Final last clinic visit

I have one more final last visit paid for by research.
It was like having another job, being free from copays, etc.
Being able to say to the registration people that I did not
have to conform. I am a studied patient. Doing shots and journals,
tests, blood draws, MRI's, etc.
It was all for killing the dragon, an image that I found in a condensed book about King Arthur
by Howard Pyle. The image of the dragon was so much more real than
cartoon images of immune processes using colored blobs with complex initials arrows
and explanations.
So I want to urge everyone to keep the image of slaying the dragon
known as Multiple Sclerosis as a simpler way to think about a cure.
So I wrote a poem for my MS clinic staff pasted below
and will schedule to post tomorrow,
when I finally find out what I have been on and plan for the next steps.
I still miss Dr. Hillel Panitch too and thank him wherever he may be present.

If MS was a dragon,

And I was King Arthur,

That sucker would be dead

Thanks sincerely to the entire MS clinic for making a stab at killing the beast.

Best wishes to you all!

Mary Gerdt

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