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Saturday, January 28, 2012

I am a Blogger, Don't Mind Me

i am just a blogger, don't mind me, take your big newspaper and sell it, I am Free

You might hear
"those damn bloggers.

how dare they

have opinions or

voice them

what do they think?

that they can think? "

copyright 2012 mary e gerdt

in spite of that you may distribute ad lib

for non for profit reasons

[i am a blogger and support bloggers. When I heard Bob Schiefer
cry out Bloggers as if a dirty word, this poem came to me. Come on,
bloggers are expressing their right to self express. If you do not like the message,
turn it off. If you want to control my messages, then I believe we have a difference of opinion.
mary.e.gerdt 1.28.2012]


  1. Even though I don' the background story, it was interesting to read your work.

    And yes, blogging has certainly changed my life, provided a contract and good friends.

    Please have a good Sunday.

  2. Bob Shieffer was on CBS news and said the word "blogger" like it was dirty. I thought maybe because he is an old newspaper man that he has that elitist arrogance about his journalistic info. So my post was in the spirit of just being a woman on the street blogger making observations, comments, and networking with people all over the world. Thanks for the comments. I enjoy reading Psalm Sunday but cannot always contribute. Have a great week, mary

  3. Perhaps one of these days I will understand why I blog.

    I hope my children will read these, but i doubt, i dont twitter.

    perhaps a friend might pick up a story and tell it to someone else and then the story will be news somewhere.

    or maybe i like to see my writing on my computer and think, wow, i did that and the program made it look all pretty.

    perhaps it is just a habit. my doctor told me that i should exercise my mind as much as my body and there is some thinking involved in blogging. writing mainly and picking photos and learning about all sorts of different stuff.

    and then sometimes, bam, you have a discussion with someone or someone says something on your blog, sometimes it is even something nice. my day gets made then.

  4. Thanks for the comments. Blogging helps me in many ways. Hopefully helping with history too. Have a great day! Your kids do not know what they are missing! mary


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