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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Multiple Sclerosis Research: MS is preventable: can we ignore the evidence?

Browsing Twitter,
I love Shift MS....
The UK has a lot of people with MS,
Socialized medicine system,
Committed Doctors, staff, researchers.
Thought for Sunday I would post some updates, info
On my other hobby,
Living with the MonSter...

First am posting some art
That comes with rest.
Total brain rest.

What role is my
Temporal Lobe

Mom makes
Me think,
Was her art
A need to
After her mother,
 passed on
Did she see the urgency
 As the veil
Drew near?

MS, the ankle biter.

My dream

Halfway home,
We both have had our atmospheric damages.
  insults to our bodies
Think of the neurological system as one big solar system.
What if the moon went away?

Now for science du jour

Multiple Sclerosis Research: MS is preventable: can we ignore the evidence?: Can vitamin D supplements prevent MS? I wish I knew the answer. #MSBlog #MSResearch "Mouse Doctor posted on the observation that...

…my notes: Yes, sunscreen overused in the north country. One year I broke my arm in the month of  March. A doctor I worked with said not to use sunscreen in winter in Vermont.
Or if a burn might happen, get at least 10-20 minutes skin exposure to sun per day before putting screen on...meg

Last and not least,
A link from the UK to explain Multiple Sclerosis to kids.
I found it very informative and understandable...

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