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Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Night Musik

Friday Night Musik

And searching for Cafe Society, Societe, 


Virtualized Society,

Yesterday waa still searching for the right selection for Friday.

Tuned into imus on WABC live (on line)
 Broadcasting From NYC.
Heard this beautiful tune from Elton John, link from yt
Distilling the spirit of NYC.
This concert just after 9/2011,
A powerful concert.
Currently Spanish Harlem suffers after an explosion
Eclipsed by the missing plane,
Like the mudslide, too real, too sad, victims too poor.

My mind drifted to Jesse, always, thinking of NYC.
Sometimes imaging him and me catching a bagel & lox at a deli
While he triple parked.

I had gone over some thoughts about why New Yorkers
Are cautious twitterers.
Weiner is number 1...his faux pas exposed the exposure,
Twitter likewise reflects the society you live in.

Better table this and get posting...
Happy Friday!

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