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Sunday, March 2, 2014


We rarely hear the inward music, but we're all dancing to it nevertheless. - Rumi



In Junior high school  <>
and somewhat beyond,
2 years better put into a state of suspended animation or amnesic void,

I tried out for chorus,
excited at this new huge school,
full of enthusiasm,
ready to become the next Julie Andrews, Barbra Streisand,
Carole King,
Peter, Paul & Mary,
Janis Joplin,
Mostly anyone but me.

Mom and Dad had a stack of records, as did my siblings,
It was the 60's.
We screamed music all summer to the stereo,
 There were 153 people trying out.
 Funny I still remember that number, 
like it is seared somewhere in my brain...

They could take 150.
another number seared.
As I approached looking at the last Psalm, 
the number yanked me like a painful string.

When the names went up for who got in, 
could you imagine how long were the faces of the 3 who failed?
Wonder if the other 2 girls ever forgot.

The next year, I tried out again.
Admittedly I had no training, no concept of keys, tuning.
I played tuba in the Bass clef,
which confused me too.
Our grade school autoharp was out of tune.
But I tried.

The music teacher had me sing a song. 
She then stopped, looked up and said,
"Where were you last year?"...

That is where I am pretty sure my head spun straight around,
I did a princess turn,
and walked right out the door,
never to return.

Years later, an ember still burns for her,
that misguided teacher.
How could you have even heard 3 people?
Give them a tambourine...
a flag,
a chance.

So when Sister Rosetta Tharpe sings to
"Sing, because you are so happy,
Sing because you are so free, yes indeed...",
I think,
Freedom has its price.

And yet that doesn't keep me from singing.
We are free.

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