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Thursday, July 25, 2013

the frowny face. :-(

The frowny face made me smile,

It was a tool for nurses to assess pain.
Frown is pain,
Frown plus tears worse, 
smile means pain free.

Many times I have held the hand
of one in pain.
Cancer, ischemia, infections, system failure.
I learned to recognize pain
in people's eyes,
blind or not,
Look into their eyes,
hold their hand
and feel.

I told Mom, before she died,
that part of her problem was
she wore a smile,
no tears,
and had excruciating pain.
She learned that.

Frowns may not respond to
pain medications,
Smiles may not tell you what is inside,
Tears likewise not reliable,
meaning joy or sorrow in the extreme.

Trust your gut,
Look at him,
hold his hand.
is he in pain?


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Che! Things like that drive sensible/sensitive nurses crazy. Some nurses cannot see pain. I told Mom our generation will not be so stingy with asking for pain meds :-) Have a great weekend! Mary


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