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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Something You Can Do

Something You Can Do...
My neighbor Jane has sent this simple message,
a brief energy on your part, and who knows? maybe we can keep Jane's Garden Gaz Free
Gaz Frei......Sans Gaz....Clean, Schoen (sorry, no oomlout)...Belle! Thanks Jane, Danke, Merci!
Jane Said: If you are feeling insignificant bur want to do something to help stop Vermont Gas from building this pipeline through our countryside, here is a way to make your voice heard. ( aside from the notes you have already sent to the PSB)
Sign this petition. All it asks is that our governor be consistent and follow through on the promises and claims he has already made. Sign it and then send it to anyone you know who might care about what happens to Vermont.
If you support the Rosanne Rosannadana used to say....never mind!
scroll down to sign after reading this disclaimer...
Anyone who cares about Vermont, read this and consider signing this petition.ty.meg

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