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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Summer's a Good time to hear the Blues


You just Know this is a Blues album by the cover...
Summertime, a good time to listen the the Blues.
I keep remembering Burkhardt's In the 1970,s South St. Louis.
Sitting outside, hearing great music.
Sweating and drinking Bud on tap. Or Stag.
After a ballgame when the Cards lost or won,
It didn't matter,
we were listening to live Blues
in hot and muggy St. Louis.

Now we see what prolonged rainfall can do in Vermont.
Our garden a tragedy, thankfully we did not plant a month ago.
What few tomatoes are in look good. Squash that is in is loving it.
Will try to plant the rest this weekend as we run out of time for some things.
So when I saw "didn't it rain" album coming out, how could I not post it.
Besides, Hugh Laurie is such a great musician, singer, blues man.

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