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Monday, July 29, 2013



Sweet Politics,
How can thee cause so much strife?

Right or Left,
In or Out,
Yea or Nay,

Right or Wrong,
This is not a song.
Spell checker doesn't rhyme.

Anyone can run in a race,
Only one will win.
One side is side happy,
The loser is sad.

Lately the press poking & jabbing a guy,
Who sells duct tape wallets,
Tickets, CD's and Why,
Does the press think People like me won't go vote,
For the guy who sings and dances,
Never misses a note.

So just saying my vote's for Rusty,
No matter how long a shot,
He's a guy like old Fred Tuttle,
and I liked him an awful lot.

mary gerdt..endorsing the logger, rusty dewees
i think he has a fighting chance
at whatever he decides.

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  1. It Irritated me to see reporters saying Rusty was aiming high in the Vermont house race. He has a lot of political nuances in his comedy and song. He is clearly disciplined to do what he has and make a living. He is high energy and committed to real Vermonters. What is the problem with those qualities?? editor meg


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