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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Friday Night

Friday Night was so special last night in Woodstock, N.Y.
Amy Helm and her Musical Entourage was a completely
perfect ending to our trip to Virginia.
The Barn was packed and the wood resonated with people & Music.
The floor and walls walls and people like another instrument...
no one could stay still, Fun, surprise guests, impromptu mastery,
Stellar music.
Wonderful caring staff, nice food fresh and tasty.
Fred and I went to Levon's pond and toasted him.
We watched fish jump out of the water and knew this was a place Levon could meditate.
The Catskills have a special feeling. The stone, hard, heavy and dense.
The streams cool and fresh.
The artists sang the full gamut of emotions,
Love, Loss, Labor.
Pain, Elation, Grief.
Someone else will write about this concert, I bet.
It was a night we will not forget
& are grateful for the tickets, being able to get there.
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  1. Was a very special night as they all sre in The Barn, meg


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