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Monday, June 2, 2014

Vision & Hearing

There are images

I could not imagine not seeing
be OK with any of it

Which is why,

Boy do you miss it when it is gone.

When I developed
Optic Neuritis,
it was a blurriness in my right eye,
a dimming, a pain,
sensitivity to light.
and colors were gone,
then pretty much everything.

Due to the brain's skillful ways,
I was fooled into thinking I could see,
thinking I scratched my eye,
not that it did not work.
My left one pulled up the slack and told my self,
don't worry...

After doctor x 3 and High doses IV steroids
MRI, etc,
most of my vision returned.

It did leave me with a taste, a tidbit,
of losing one's sight.

My Bro asked what would be worse to lose?
Sight or hearing?
Now that one made my hairs hurt...
Last week I focused on
the binding force, the beat, the common language,
no interpreter needed.

This week,
some visuals.
Once I saw red again,
after not seeing it,
it really made me appreciate it all the more.

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