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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Band - Twilight (song sketch)

Sorry, Been mis-spelling Richard Manuel's name...all this time...
If my labels are not quite perfect, well, none of us are.
We miss Richard so much and more so when experienced through the love in Levon's eyes and writings.

Buy or borrow and read This Wheel's on Fire by Levon Helm
or go to his website
and check out the real stories.

We have been looking for this version. Richard's simple voice and his powerful delicate piano style...
link on YT.

A beautiful version and sentiment....

"Don't leave me alone at the twilight, for twilight is the loneliest time of day."

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  1. This is a haunting song. You don't know all the details, yet you understand. Richard's phrasing is perfect. Crying at the end. Is this another aspect of "sundowning syndrome" in Elders, demented people? Is the restlessness more a function of loneliness? As the sun sets, a warm companion during the day. meg


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