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Friday, June 20, 2014

Gaz Updates #fracking

Natural Gas     correction: unnatural #fracking Gaz updates...

full of gaz emails again, links, humans desparate to control the frackers that threaten our planet. the last straw was the so called free press which put in a fluffy infomercial "editorial" by the president of vermont gaz, rarely mentioned: it is a  subsidiary of Gaz metro, a canadian power conglomerate. there is an unproven theory they are still sore at vermont for vt presing the contract back in the 1988 ice storm. i can see the secret board meeting...when they found out vt was suing them! them: we will get back at them some day...well that is the only way for me to explain how canadians bought all our power and now want to cram a gaz pipeline through my neighbor's garden and under Lake Champlain. (and though popular w/some & unpopular w/some, our nuke plant was shut down taking jobs, raising rates.)

Will just dump all this out, read if you must.Be aware.
This is all about scattering people likea flock of birds.
Try to stay focused...meg

First a little background..

Found this on the digger, when they dug it up, it got set aside for 4 years.
good time to review:

A link to the Free press editorial/article veiled as a feel good about don gilbert

Thanks to Chris Bray for this counterpoint...
Yes we have constitutional rights!

Everybody should put this on their ballot...

(thx sister nancy for that link)

article from the digger starting at my comment...
Weird boldness, arrogance.
say no.

The governor cautions against doing what is happening that he facilitated
or did he?
"his" PSB certainly is hot for the pipeline...hey...this was a new england conference...the canadians want to run the pipeline through my neighbor's garden in rural Monkton, Vermont to got to the paper mill in New York, under Lake Champlain. Maybe they should have invited Andrew Cuomo as well....meg

Regarding taking swamps...
starts at my comment reply...

Last one for now....

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