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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Gaz Update. June !st, 2014 #Fracking

The First of June,
A Beautiful season in Vermont,
Or nearly so,

So I wanted to share a bunch of links for those interested in the latest.
Have had to turn it off this week to pace the news induced corticosteroid release...

In no particular order, 

An artist stops Alberta Pipeline:

June 12th PM in Middlebury, VT,
Please show your support against the pipelie and

About who really owns "vermont gas":

About the track record for Vermont Gas...which is not Vermonter owned.

About the infanous protest:
Sara, our heroine :)

Just to clarify, attendees deny Vermont Gas' allegations that an employee was assaulted . This was a non-violent direct action planned by Rising Tide Vermont. We all know that VGS will do and say anything to protect their bottom line, including making false accusations that we assaulted someone.

More concerning news...

A letter that press would not publish:

Concerning the Canadian Gaz Metro (VGS) proposed twelve inch, high pressure (600 psi) gas transmission pipeline through Addison County.

Vermont law (30 V.S.A., Section 248 (b)(5)) and common sense say that proposals that would be a threat to public health and safety are not in the Public Good.

Google "explosions of natural gas transmission pipelines" for pictures and record of that potential harm to Vermont and Vermonters.

Given that the Public Service Board approval of Phase 1 is a violation of Vermont law and oath of office, then the Certificate of Public Good for Phase 1 is not a "done deal".

Why should Vermont lives and property be sacrificed for cheap fuel from Canada ?

If you would like to help prevent that, read the documentation and what Vermonters can do that is in a file folder in the Town Clerk's office for public view in Colchester, Essex, Williston, St. George, Hinesburg. Monkton, New Haven, Bristol, Middlebury, Cornwall, and Shoreham.

John Madden
New Haven, Vermont

Nice job, JM.

>>>>>>>All for now...that wears me out......

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