Astronomy Picture of the Day

Sunday, June 15, 2014



Poet, Poet,

Why don't you Rhyme?
You wanted to be


That's OK, Poet.
You wanted to be


Oh, Poet,
You wanted so much.

Poet, Poet,

You wanted to make a statement,
be bold,
make a difference in the minds of mortals

Is that so Bad, after all?

Poet, Poet,

What makes you so sad?
What makes your heart ache?
Why do you, who do you, when do you love?

Poet, oh Poet,

They don't care, 
and don't you know it,
You tried there in your words
in a poem, to show it,
They said, you cannot be,
A Poet, don't you see?


Poet, Oh Poet,
You said, No.

And the Poetry police said,
It doesn't Rhyme,
Make sense,
No Rhythm,
No theme,
Structure is nonexistent.

Poet, Oh Poet, walk away.
You are a poet.
In your own way.


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