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Friday, September 6, 2013

Waiting for 33,333

Waiting for 33,333

Then it will be in the past.

Why do some numbers have more meaning,
or seem to appear in Clusters?
3, Three, was my number for the week.

My blog visitor counter catches my attention,
More at certain times.
The all 3  number seemed a good one to watch for.

I found a marked down to $2 orphaned chipped figurine,
3 Rabbits, all in stages of laughter.
I donated it to my office with 3 great people.

Then I looked above my desk at the triangular rainbow mandala I painted,
Which made me think about the other 3 sided images I have painted,
A stable, steady construction, 3 sided objects like tripods.

Awareness of a number must subconsciously raise the chance you will see it.
Am fairly confident I will not actually see 33,333,
And yet I feel good to make it this far.

p.s. part of my liking this number is it reminds me of 11:11

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