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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Happy Birthday Dad

You Always know what to say
91 Today


You and Mom had quite a time,
Some of it did not rhyme
Most was as good as it ever gets,
So don’t go havin’ no regrets.

When Mom was 68, she had a heart attack.
We did not know if she would make it
Dad ended up buying her a ring, on a credit card, for a lot of money.
He was excited like a school boy. Look Mary, do you think she will like it?
Oh yes, I remarked, hoping she would not kill him for charging such a piece.
She snapped his head off.
I was surprised at how she could cut him to the quick, lashing.
I was seeing an intimate moment I wished I had not, although,
My Father apologized and let her trade it in on a diamond tennis bracelet
Years later I told Mom that story. She did not remember the altercation or the ring.
Or how much Dad really loved her.
I love you Dad, Happy Birthday

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  1. Up at 5:30 everyday I was growing up, Dad would sit in the morning with a cup of black coffee and read the paper. I would get up with him a lot. It was a peaceful moment. meg


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