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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Ain't In It For My Health....available for purchase

Ain’t In It For My Health

A movie about Levon Helm,

And family, friends, music,

Cancer and lung disease,

Living and dying,

Loving and those things we cannot change.

Fred bought Levon’s movie on Amazon.

It was easy. You could even find it by going to

We went to Levon’s house a few times for The Midnight Rambles.

They were, sequentially, the best experiences we have ever had.

So seeing the movie lent more of a wholeness to the memories.

We knew he was a genius, a musical wizard,

a dedicated drummer, singer, mandolin player, guitar player, composer,

director, actor, father, husband.

In this movie we saw his vulnerable side, his miraculous survival,

His illness, his demons, his dragons.

We saw his angels, his guardians.

We saw the people who helped him through the dark days,

The people who have kept his dream going.

This is a 5 out of 5 star movie.

I wanted to meet Mrs. Danko. She passed away last month, and her defeat recorded for me to see.

I want a sequel and interview with the people who sat so quietly letting Levon speak.

Like my Mom, who died last year too, people would sit and wait for what came out of his mouth.

They were waiting for the proclamation of revenge, or hate, or explanation.


Internalized, the bad things Levon, and my Mom had to suffer, will be the karmic nightmare of those who trespassed on them.

In the movie I saw the reflection of his sadness at losing 2 of his best friends,
Richard Manual and Rick Danko. The money they lost was a source of that pain but it was more than that. They had their faces stolen. It was painful to hear how Levon felt at times. It was very real and makes me respect him even more.
You must buy this movie and share a biographical sketch of a man who drummed his way into our hearts and we hear his beat every day...

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