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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Touching MS: Poetic Expressions

A new book by Jennifer Evans....

An anthology of poetry relating to Multiple Sclerosis,
The MonSter.
The sunny side is she picked one of my poems
and I bought 3 copies.
All proceeds go to fight Multiple Sclerosis.

Click here for a link
to buy...

Poetic Expressions


  1. My 3 copies are on the way. Such a cool project. I will review once I read the whole really proud of Jennifer!

  2. Thank you, Mary! What do you think of the book?

  3. I Love this book, Jennifer! Have been preoccupied with life & work. Every time I pick it up I find a new pearl. Thanks so much for making my dream a reality. My long term care nurse coworkers gave me a standing ovation when a coworker read my poem outloud.


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