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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Nurses, Moms, and a YT link to the Incredible Nurse, Blues Legend Alberta Hunter


This is the last day of Nurse's Week.
Today is Florence Nightingale's birthday.
This is also Mother's Day, my first without Mom, who wanted to be a nurse but children were there and opportunity was not.
My BFF Donna thought she would be the nurse and then I became one.
Katie was a nurse too.
If it were not for Paula, a friend from the "old neighborhood,"
I would not know about another warm and wonderful nurse, Alberta Hunter.
Famous Blues singer,songwriter to nurse back to the stage,
where she clearly shines, shines.
I cannot tell the story like Paula did, with that thick New York City accent and the gestures.
Will work on that one later.
To the point, Alberta was a blues singer who got a nursing degree.
 She worked past the age of mandatory retirement because the hospital did not know how old she really was. She was 80. She went back to singing and as you can see, she never missed a beat.
I can see her holding a dying mother's hand and stroking their shoulder.
She reminds me of my friend BJ in her physical strength. Do not underestimate how hard this woman has worked. She is originally from Memphis. Like so many others greats and legends...
This is dedicated to Alberta Hunter.
Will finish this story later.

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  1. I love Alberta, and miss her, Mom and


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