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Sunday, May 5, 2013



a speech on YT by Taya Kyle

This morning I got out the door and worked in the garden a little.
Then I opened the greenhouse door and found Graeden, our wonderful gray and white feral who we trapped,had fixed, and released in 2001. He sometimes seemed close to being tame,
always just beyond reach.
We knew he had been injured but could not find him.
I found him, in a sunny protected spot, where he died like ferals do, alone, in a sunny spot, away from vultures. Something very large had bitten his entire backside. He was a very large cat.
We think it was a bear.
I am sick right now just thinking about it. Graeden suffered more.
So as I give up on housework for the day and just listen to music
or do nothing,
I will remember to be thankful for our freedoms,
and how there is Evil in the world,
that we must fight it as best we can.
And Taya's words and feelings will stick with me,
This is what I was saying too about the history of wars and how the history of why is so important.
My best wishes to Taya Kyle and her brave children and family.
They sacrificed for my freedoms.

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