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Thursday, May 30, 2013



I found a great Egyptology book at the community action second hand store.
Maybe a dollar,
Worth  way more to me. 
Factoids, history,
Images, rituals,
Hieroglyphs, Symbolism,
Deities, Queens and child Kings.
Massive temples, Pyramids,
Hierarchy, calendars, zodiacal advice.
Priests, who were sort of legal and civic in function.
Oh, and the really big questions,
How could any modern-day human
Comprehend let alone explain it all
neatly in chapters,
Come on,
What did it sound like?
Taste, Smell, Feel like?
The true and street view,
What made them happy, sad, angry,
This was a good start,
But I still want
That other,
Unknown, Untold

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