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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Link to Travis Tritt memorial for George Jones

One day I visited an elderly woman who had George Jones posters, records, everywhere.
She had been reduced from the big old house to subsidized poor housing.
She lost most ever-thin, except her Memorobilia.
"The Possum" she said,
Puzzled, I wondered, Who???
"Who" I asked, she would not offer.
"George Jones".

And I wondered why, this woman who had lost so much idolized a man
who sang county songs like "He stopped loving her today."

And I saw her, alone and penniless with George standing by her.
A signed photo on the cold cinder block housing wall.
This story by Travis Tritt, also clarifies who he was.
Best to the family of GJ.
A Great Man.
Later I understood.

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