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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

For Mom, Genesis "Your Own Special Way / Afterglow" (TV 1977)

I am building my shrine to Mom,
both figuratively at home, on a table,
& here, on my travelogue of painful and hopeful messages
as I pause &
feel Her special way


  1. I understand.

    In the entryway we have an accidental shrine of sorts.

    We miss them.

  2. We do indeed. Now I have a deeper sadness than I ever could imagine, worse by failing to communicate when I desparately wanted to. I blame the MonSter for some of that. Good you have a shrine to direct your energy, will get on building mine:-I... mary

  3. Funny you mention "failing to communicate" and blaming the MonSter for some of that.

    I am going through those difficulties myself right now. It is stressing me out quite a bit. I don't know how to resolve it. My CogFog makes it hard for me to talk to mom in a way I'd like to - by the same token she is a difficult person to talk with.

    We are NOT getting along and it distresses me. My brother is an addict and we do not have a relationship because of that. Mom is a classic enabler. For me it is deja vu - I went through this with Nicole and she died.

    I'd talk about it on my blog but guess who reads it. =)

  4. I do not think you can force it to resolve. Trying to avoid the stress about the CogFog..right, that is my prob. Wish there was a meter for that to quantify so peopple would know...proceesor impaired.:0mary


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