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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Aryanna Arrival on Mars 8.5.12 8.6.12 EST Earth time

Curiosity: The Mars mission is due to land Today

I became a part of this when I signed up to put my digital image in the spacecraft. 
My Martian name is Aryanna.
Hope for successful landing and discovery of new,
exciting and unexpected findings.
It would be no fun if it was just a big dry cold red dirt ball
if it was really inhabited by aliens, mean ones.
The camera would film the club coming down...then blank screen.

In my case, my curiosity spurred me to fill out the form
for citizenship on Mars.
Bon Voyage on Martian soil, Curiosity.

8.5.12 8/6/12 Aryanna
Now on Mars

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