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Friday, August 3, 2012

Captain Blakely Quebec

Captain Blakely Quebec


A few years ago

Last week

He took ill last night. Was 12 years old. Survived Thyroid disease with I-131.
He died this afternoon of heart failure.
He is a Best Cat. More special than most.
Dominant, demanding, affectionate, possessive.
He use to "talk" to Mom on my lap through the phone lines. He would purr loudly
when he heard her voice and I would ask her but she said she could not hear him.
Then he would "Meow" and she heard that.
The cats were shaken up at our grief about Mom,
compounded today,
the whole house grieves.



  1. We have only begun to miss Mom and the Captain, I trust they found each other right off and are safely on my Grandpa Carl's lap. He is reaffirming Betsy as his Number One Fairy Princess. She and the Captain, cooing and purring. Fanny,Jay,Sissy,Dorothy and a cast of thousands,embracing the newcomers, who realized so late that they were never really left behind at all by these spirit kin. mg

  2. Mary, so sorry for your loss. I know how amazing pets are and how deep the loss when they are gone. I hope you find solace.

  3. Thank you Judy. They are all special and some just more so. Best to you, mary


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