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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Winter Solstice

It is the shortest daylight day and yet
it has been a weirdly mild winter so far in Vermont.
I wanted to post a photo of a crazy quilt I made but it simply cannot be captured (by me) on film.
Keeping up with friends blogs this week have had to take a back seat to candy making and
other Christmas planning or just relaxing from exhaustion without the sun to motivate me.
The shortest days only seem shorter because the sun goes down so early,
one yawns, one stirs some supper up and the cats curl up by the fire.
The dreams people are having seem more extreme, like my weird dreams about war and these weird tall spiked Prussian-like helmets. Google was no help on that one. I could not find a helmet quite as tall as the ones in my vivid dreams. The army on my front porch, taking Fred and I knew I was next. Sometimes I look at that front porch, oddly a pivotal point in many of my feelings about this place.
Hard to explain without you being there.
That is how dreams are.
Have a great shortest daylight day and enjoy the light as it slowly returns to re-energize.

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