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Sunday, December 18, 2011

2 Trees



The tree on the left is the one dad said was the best locust tree. It is the straightest, straight up. I dragged barb wire out of it when we got here and thought maybe the old tree appreciated it. On the right is Dad’s spruce tree he brought home from the northeast kingdom in his pocket. I have been around long enough to remember that.

The chimes upper right we moved several times and Nancy gave us those a bazillion years ago. The sun glass fob was a gift M.R. gave me the Xmas before she axed me. I have forgotten most of my anger about that. She did me a favor. I thought someday it would break, like the wind chime weight before it. This wind chime has been exposed to wind gusts, pummeling rain and snow, heat and cold.

M.R. is gone now, I was reminded of her again as I snapped a random


crock pot chocolate next of the to do list

just imagine:


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  1. The chocolates came out great. I dare you to look up crock pot chocolate candies...We adorned with cashews, heath bar cruchies, dried cranberries and candied cherries. mary


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