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Friday, December 2, 2011

For Don I

For Don I

40 years on the Radio today.
Once we tuned him in,
He was the one.

The local stations
and still,
after awhile,
just not

It started by flipping through the channels,
before computers, was it mid 80's? or later?
when Burlington coughed up the dough
for this expensive

Our neighbors,
from New Jersey
grew up listening to
the I Man.
We thought we had found someone new.
Perhaps we had.
He had quit the bad stuff by then.

And his cohorts, the characters and skits,
played out on the airwaves for our morning commute,
changing plans, or driving slower,
when a good one comes along.

And his family, oh so special,
and what they do for children, vets
and others who have not.

Greening the Earth with
simple recipes
and giving proceeds
all away.

His love of animals,
of Southwest vistas,
Photography, Writing,
Reviewing books.

Interviews others,
Famous people,
Sometimes fearing
this heavy dude.

Shooting Straight,
He is
Rough and Tumble,
Sometimes Humble,
Sometimes sad.

We need the humor,
sarcastic comments,
that makes us mad :)

We like to hear
about the
NY scene, music, authors, cool people,
from all those
people, brave and all you who suffered,
who lived through

Thanks for rising early mornings,
Keeping us laughing, well informed,
music playing, friendly banter,

You are a Special Daring Number One Cowboy!


When he was off the air,
pouted, grumpy, depressed,
angry, sympathetic,
thinking and saying,

"How can we possibly start our day right sans the I man?"

check him out at


  1. Well, I can't check him out cos I'm deaf but I do understand your frustration. LOL.

    Did I ever tell you I was ON the radio once? I can talk all day but I can't hear a thang! =p

  2. Thanks Sherry! I forget how much music/sound is where we get enjoyment and some cannot. I love it that you talked on the radio. It is hard to do well.He does have a website and his gang writes some good copy. Have a great weekend!mary


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