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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Three, Twenty Seven

Thirty years ago I arrived here
Not having one clue as to why exactly
I needed to be.

I collided with Fred in a
spiritual way &
he insists he met me years before,
was it
meine doppelganger?

I was twenty three.
We lived together for
3 years while we sorted out
whether it could be more
than either of us

3 years
(oops, I meant 27 years ago...edited today :) mg)
5 days ago,
I said to Fred,
"we should get married."
Fred said,
"how about Saturday?"
So we did.

We had to have blood work then
to get a license and
wait at least 3 days
just in case per the law at the time.
Fred got the town clerk's husband
who wrote beautiful vows.
He had a whole book of them.
Fred picked out a perfect one,
no obey crap, or sickness and health crap,
 Vermonter type vows.
I had bruises where the doctor missed both
antecubital veins.
Long sleeves were the look of the day.
It was one of the last time I wore panty hose.

We got up for the 8 am ceremony,
(we had work to do)
and it was pouring rain,
unusually rainy.
We left the kids 11 & 14
(for the record, today i finally corrected their ages after some thought
and reminders fr Janet-thanks : >)watching TV,
this would not take long.

The JP's dog was a big yellow dog.
He jumped up on me and
 I wondered why panty hose were ever invented.
We had no witnesses save the JP and his wife the town clerk.
They took a polaroid

(orwellian?) wedding

We went to the dump twice that day.
I found a washer and dryer
and told Fred that one of them had to work,
someone bought a pair and must have thrown out both.
They never break down at the same time.
It took me a long time to convince him of my theory.
We took one home in my Plymouth Horizon
named Vog
and went back the second time to get the other one.
Fred got them running with a 14 dollar cord
and wired them up.
No more laundromat.
It was a memorable day.

So 3's have been showing up all day.
A truck rumbled by at 3:33 am
as I read my clock.
(In the PM I also saw 3:33)

This morning
I explained to Fred the significance of the number 3
as relates to a 27th anniversary.
3 x 9 =27
3 Cubed =27
the numbers 27 added together:
2+7 = 9 or 3 x 3
I arrived 30 years ago.

google said
3 is a very significant number.

Fred wasn't sure of the significance but was sure about supper.
I picked up Scallops, Salmon & tortellini.
We have our own vegetables.

So dinner at home with the cats:
3 toms who greeted us this morning.
3 more years to Thirty.
Is that a lot of three's?

had to put this on paper,
cyber paper.
I'll ride the river with you anytime,
mary 12.01.2011


  1. Lovely, just lovely. Lovely. That makes three. Happy anniversary.

  2. thanks for sharing Mary - wonderful reading

  3. Happy anniversary to you both, it's a wonderful spot to be in when two people still love each other as you two do. Hope it was a great day for both of you. mkm

  4. Concratulations upon this achievement ! Great writing indeed.

    Married about nine years ago during January, was even the 3rd ;) freezing temperature and many feet of snow - yes, was fun.

    Please have you all a good Friday.

  5. A great story, and I am glad that I am not the only one that names my cars!

  6. 3 to the 3rd power
    is nine

    9 times 3
    is twenty-seven

    27 plus 3
    is thirty

    = three calculations

    (oh, you just did that,
    duh for me, ha ha)

    best wishes!

  7. Thanks friends! I was looking for the "3"s of God: God is Omnipotent, Omnipresent, and Omniscient. 3 is a powerful number. You all have a great day!mary


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