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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Cold Front

Cold Front
Blowing in the cold
out with any warmth,
cold front is coming.

Did not want to write about the cold,
normal years we would be hardened off by now,
used to the blowing sting,
the biting wind,
chewing at our faces,
cold front

We knew it was coming,
there would be the day,
when the cold front hit us
with a snap, a lashing,
a stinger.

Still the weather,
slow to come 'round,
in the end,
still changes,
cold front


  1. You can say this about family as well as weather.

    Good one.

  2. 10-4, thanks for stopping by and feeling this one. i almost did not write it several times, it kept coming out. have a great day!mary


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