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Monday, November 28, 2011

Town Meetings to remember

History being made in Bristol, Vermont,
our neighboring town.

This must have been funny for the corrected: this is the planning commission,
This guy comes in, tries to say he has a voice.
Don't that silly guy know,
Selectmen and correction Planning commission members are Kings....

**warning: the writer of this blog does not condone treating citizens like this,
that is the stuff revolutions are made of...........

corrected after posting: this is the planning commission...


  1. OK, uh, having some experience with presiding over meetings, I have this to say--ROBERT'S RULES of ORDER! What kind of effed up mtg, unprofessional meeting, begings with, "We will only comment on the Agenda??" HUH? The guy should have made a motion to allow comments to be addressed. THAT alone would then have to be recorded that he had done so. NEXT at any professional mtg, the FIRST thing on ANY agenda is to accept minutes from previous meeting and THAT is where the guy could have jumped in too. OOOO, this makes me so angry. THEN the 'big guys' come in and first thing they open with is EXACTLY what the guy wanted to discuss. IN-SANE. Talk about the suits running that town. And the laughter? SERIOUSLY? VOTE THE BASTARDS O U T.

  2. Thanks Mama Zen and Diane! A video is worth a thousand words...have a great day, mary


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