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Sunday, November 20, 2011


[I sent this letter to some local representatives and I urge any Vermonter who wants reform of Delinquent Tax Policy to write to their legislators as well, like right now. Go to to find your rep's (is there an app for that?)] mary

Please support H.328.

The property taxes have become so burdensome for us. Please help reform what happens when you simply cannot pay. We suffered great penalties, shame and nearly lost our 4th generation farm after being 9 months late. The towns can be less lenient than banks and mortgage companies or not, at their discretion.

I have written everyone I can to explain what we went through. Please force some sensibility into local punishment of people who cannot pay. The motivation of locals not to change rests on tax collectors reaping large sums for short hours.

Beyond H.328: The VT property tax structure also punishes people like us who hold land more than 2 acres (56 ac) and pay taxes on that land (appraised at highest use even though it is open land) without income sensitivity. The town likewise has no income sensitivity.

Therefore we pay $1 for every $10 we earn to VT property taxes. That is with getting income sensitivity on our homestead portion.

To me that is not income sensitive.

Thank you for your time.
Mary Gerdt

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