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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

12 days of November

12 days of November
( 15 days until vt prop taxes due)

christmas won't come around again,
 November tax man won't wait a day
They said we don't tolerate scofflaws
even if you don't have the money to pay.
12-15 days in November, we have to pay 5 grand
for living another year in the cold
and difficult land.

first day it gets me, cannot fall asleep,

second day it fists me, i slap my face in dismay,

third day i am bummed out, sleeping on the couch,

fourth day i wash off my face and shake off all the slouch

fifth day we write the check so it won't be too late

sixth day to the post office and put it in the slot

seventh day we sit and contemplate our leaky broken roof,

eight day the fuel man comes and want some kind of proof,


that's the price you've got to pay,

or you're gonna be fer-reezing, up here out here in the cold.

Ninth day is the weekend, your relaxing in the tub,

you're all dressed up no where to go,

but rub a dub dub dub,

tenth day is a sunday, and you pray with all your might,

that the fuel man don't cash the check before,

the eleventh,

it ain't right,

to be so milked out, so milked out of your dough,

that the twelfth day when it all passes,

that you got no dough to go,


no christmas this year, honey...

the tax man done come.


  1. Some tax codes need to be changed now when the bank isn't willing to sell it for what's it worth now! And the city isn't able to collect the tax's on unoccupied homes! Grrr

  2. Thanks for understanding, Mary. Here they sell your property 6 months late (or not). Is this what we want for ourselves, our children? In VT we property owners (not rich, mind you) are paying 17,000 per year for each child's education. Am powerless to change laws, rules, code. All I have is my blogger's pen. Thanks for commenting! This is an icky subject. mary


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