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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Serfing USA

Serfing USA

The occupy people moved out of city hall park in Burlington, VT. It was getting cold anyway so perhaps they were secretly happy. Meanwhile, in the country, we got the piece of paper saying we paid
our $5 grand (VT prop taxes) and change to the town so they won't sell our farm next fall.
The money we drained from an account we set up for my eventual theoretical disability. I was denied disability insurance 3 days after my diagnosis of MS even though I showed and show no outward symptoms. So it is a race between draining our account vs. will I be able to work long enough to live here, in our 4th generation farmstead. It is a race against time.
I knew this post would come out awkwardly and sound weird to some. I started with a poem but it seemed too silly.
5 grand is a ridiculous amount for any 2 people to have to pay for the crime of being linear descendants to a Vermont farm.
Feeling more like a serf today than a citizen.
Occupy your job, Mary, and go to work.


  1. That is a lot of $$ to live on your farm...Disability seems to turn down everyone at first? Hopefully you will get it later

  2. Thanks for the comments Kim. I am not disabled, I was trying to get disability insurance (that could pay me if I became disabled until soc security). The woman made me wait 1.5 hours then said we have a list of categorical denials. MS was on the list. I said why don't you have a sign in the front of the line?

  3. If you have life insurance, don't miss a payment or be late, you could get drop. I was two days late and they sent my payment back with a letter telling me I was drop, it's wasn't because I was late. Just sharing information I've learned the hard way.mkm

  4. Oh so right, Mary. Thanks for stopping by. mary


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